What is Tack Coat?


Tack coat is glue for asphalt layers to promote bonding between old and new asphalt. Due to oxidation, wear and contaminates, a material is needed to ensure a durable connection between the two layers. So, a liquid asphalt emulsion can be applied to the old asphalt. In short order, it sets and can be paved over. Without this step, one layer would just lay next to or on top of the existing pavement.

This tack coat can create a strong adhesive bond between pavement layers without slippage. The amount of material applied is not a thick application. We have a tack coat calculator to help estimate the amount of material recommended per pavement area to be treated. Heavy applications of tack coat are used on or under porous layers of asphalt pavement. A second situation for heavy application would be in or around patches where the tack coat also functions as a seal coat.

What is Tack Coat Made Of?

It is an asphalt emulsion. The trick is to take the very sticky, thick, bituminous asphalt and grind the particles very finely. This is done in what is called a colloidal mill. These small asphalt droplets are held apart by adding an emulsifier and water. So the effect is asphalt will help with suspension and is kept as a liquid so it can be sprayed on.

We have an online quote form available for you to request any amount of tack you may need or please call us at 860-342-8034